Our typical operating radius is 15 miles around our office but what happens when someone from outside that area requests quotes or work completed. If we decline a job based on distance offense can be taken but we have to include travel costs in our pricing structure.

Let’s look at an example.

Our standard call out fee (November 2017) is £45 for the first hour. For the purposes of tax relief we are allowed to calculate car miles at £0.40/Mile and so will use that figure here.

Worst case scenario being a one hour job that requires a journey to the limit of our normal area. 15 mile round trip at £0.40/Mile equals £12.Travel time is going to be around 30/40 minutes each way so we can hypothesise that the total job time will be two hours.

Hourly rate excluding administration time before and after job is now £11.50.

Most jobs we take on will require an quote/phone call before completing the work and an invoice with some form of certificate completing afterwards.If we are super efficient completing these then maybe we can do them in half an hour making the hourly rate now £9.20 and we have yet to include wear and tear on tools, annual certification/calibration certificates etc.

So please don’t be offended if we say sorry not worth us travelling for this job or add an additional amount for travel.

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