In response to a Methodist Association audit and (incomplete) periodic inspections completed by another contractor I was invited to quote and subsquently complete works on the Wesley Road Methodist Church, Trowbridge. After 40 years of professional additions and adhoc DIY alterations the installation was not in ‘tip top’ condition – for example, there were six different consumer units distributed across the site with various discrimination and protection issues.

Our task was to solve the immediate issues and put the church council in a position where they could make safe and informed decisions regarding long term maintenance and future development plans. Although one could have argued that the whole installation needed removing before starting over this was not practical or affordable.   Additionally, with a number of the regular groups having specific needs it was important to the church that ‘their time’ was not disrupted.

Due to the nature and age of the installation it was decided that RCBO boards would provide better/more flexible protection.  A problem on one circuit or area of the church is less likely to affect other areas, which with multiple ‘rents’ occuring at the same time provides added safety for the occupants.

DB1 – Front of Church.

This board was originally fed directly from the supply but provided a non-discriminated feed to DB2 at the Rear of the Church.   During the works a new subMain board was fitted with a 100A 100mA RCD providing TT fault protection.   The cover was broken and one of the MCBs had a Code 1 break in the front that had not been picked up by the inspectors.  The spare ways have been left to allow for the future removal of a DB unit installed in the adacent ladies toilet.

DB2 – Rear of Church

The DB at the rear of the church has previously been supplied by an undersized cable taking an unknown route.   Prior to the replacement of the board a new 10mm SWA supply was ran down the exterior of the building following the path of the existing Gregory Room supply.   As with all areas of the church it is predominantly surface mount so we’ve used surface box conduit to hide the cables.   FSUs were fitted for the timer heater switch and a new double socket was fitted at desk height.

DB3 – Gregory Room

The new DB3 Gregory Room board was installed.

Kitchen & Hall

The new DB4 board installed at the entrance to the Lounge incorporated the old Kitchen board circuits that were removed from the Boiler Room upon the request of the insurance company.   Due to the earth CSA a new 10mm2 SWA supply was installed via the outside wall and into the loft area avoiding cables over the primary walkways.

Additional Work.

In addition a number of Emergency Lights were fitted or replaced.

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